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Article Review on What You Pawn I Will Redeem The story is about a man called Jackson, a Native Indian, and his adventures while trying to raise even funds to get the regalia that belonged to his grandmother. He saw the regalia in a pawn shop and realized that it belonged to his family (5). The whole process led to changes in his life. He lost two of his close friends, met new Indian friends, and learned about the people who could help him when in trouble. A police officer also aided in the acquisition of the final five dollars for the shop. As a matter of fact, the experience brought memories of his parents and how they interpreted the death of the grandmother. Every time he thought about the traditional powwow regalia, he could wake up and work towards getting it. As a result, the ordeal promoted healing as a person on his family and friends. One of the significant reasons why he needed to get the antique back revolves on how the woman died. According to the article, he felt that perhaps the lost Regalia had something to do with her breast cancer. He says, “I wondered if my grandmother's cancer had started when somebody stole her powwow regalia" (7). The normal assumption is that childhood years define what any person pictures as normal. As such, Jackson thought that getting the regalia would somehow heal her grandmother. Even though, the woman was dead, the fact that the cloth item returned to the family would bring some spiritual comfort. He continues to state that, "…I could bring grandmother back to life if I bought back her regalia" (7). In so doing, the journey might prove advantageous to the character because it brings him closure after all that time.

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