Article Review of the Hound

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Article Review of the Hound Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date The aspect of economic inequality amongst people is the most significant contribution to differentiation regarding social class. This fact faces most people in this modern age because all of us can never be the same financially. In the article the Hound, the author Pak Yŏng-hŭi endeavors to highlight this societal reality through two characters whose acts serve to show this painful aspect of life that is so unavoidable. The writer uses the story of a master, Chŏng-ho and its hound to display this element. In this paper, the main ideas, as well as the critique of the article, gets discussed. In this story, the writer aims at communicating one central idea which is that of oppression of the poor by the rich. The master is only concerned about the safety of his money and riches throughout the story. He is continually derailing in thoughts of people stealing from him because he has too much which he refuses to share with others. He is such a miser to the extent that he leaves his hound hungry for days without food (In Hughes et al. 2013). This story shows the truth of life where some people would rather not spend their riches on helping others but keep them securely for their benefit. This aspect is the main contributor to them living miserable lives because they want association with no one since they see them as a bother and as pests. The article is seen to be educative only that the author focuses so much on the master and fails to show in an in-depth manner how the hound got oppressed if not for the aspect of it staying hungry for days without the master bothering. ReferenceIn

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