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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Article Review The article, "Life in Search of Readers: The Quinto Sol Generation and the Creation of a Chicano/a Readership," written by Manuel Martin-Rodriguez gives a chronological story on the growth of Mexican literature. The general idea that the author report is the fact that Mexican-American writers had not been given the space to reach the readers. The authors had realized untapped readership because the Mexicans who were living in America only depended on the American pieces of work to be informed. The author reports that this led to the erosion of the Mexican culture because their literature works were buried (Saldivar 1). The author of the article mentioned Mexican authors such as Ruiz de Burton who did not get recognition for their work at the time. Therefore, American authors could not get proper channels for literary production. Eusebio Chacon among other writing elites failed to shine because they focused on personal successes. Fortunately, the Martin-Rodriguez reports that the authors came together and created a "national consciousness of journalistic exchanges" in the 1960s (Martin-Rodriguez 15). The Mexican Americans came together and formed Chicano/a Movement (Rosales 1). Just like other minority groups in the country, Mexican Americans were undergoing challenges. The authors were involved in the journey of looking for readership. The author reports some of the successes that the movement oversaw such as the closing gap between the oral literature and written literature (Martin-Rodriguez 16). From the article explains that the Mexican literature in American including struggle just like the one

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