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The discovery of the famous fossils of Neanderthals was in the ultimate Neander Valley in German. The exact place where these fossils were found is not known since it is postulated that the place was near Dusseldorf in Germany. The Neanderthals, in essence, were known to be in existence 100, 000 years ago, and were understood to attack often people who used to live in Europe and the Near East. Recent research conducted after the discovery of a variety of fossils in last twenty years has disapproved various studies that were done earlier of the Neanderthal man. These studies used to claim that the Neanderthals were physically semi-erect and had heavy caricatures as humanity. With the discovery about their anatomy, and also their intellectualism, it has been concluded that the Neanderthals are as superior as human. By this virtue of superiority, the Homo sapiens have had a new member added to its species (Neanderthals). However, even if the Neanderthals have been placed hand-in-hand with the humans, it is of importance to understand that there lie some forms of anatomical differences between the two. These anatomical differences are the reason as to why certain behaviors are adopted for survival to take place. By saying this, we can compose our thinking towards what made Neanderthals 100,000 years ago Superior, and later on, what ensued for them to be replaced by humans approximately 35,000 years ago. Therefore, meaning that, there were certain features of the Neanderthal’s anatomy or the immediate environment that later on became inadequate regarding to natural selection. On the other hand, as humans came into being, something influenced their behavior to survive and to

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