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Statistics Article Review Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Assuming that the topic of the paper were relevant to your work, would you recommend adopting the intervention described by the authors in the paper, and why or why not? The topic was executed using the pilot study. The research approach is eloquent towards determining the effectiveness of the proposed final research design. It incorporated various modes of data collection as well as a range of participants just to identify the efficiency of the applied methods. Since the concerns about the healthcare interventions require quality and major scrutiny of the recommended actions towards providing the best mechanism for enhancing the health of the people. The interventions adopted were the pilot study, multiple linear regression analysis, and art intervention (Nyamathi & Et al., 2013). The scope of the research topic was to provide a mechanism for enhancing the current knowledge prior understanding the trends in the respective medical conditions over a given period. The intervention used is appropriate since it engages an extendable group of participants; professionals and potential by victims to be. Also, it is ideal for the author to apply the intervention because it provides a good way of determining the appropriate method of acquiring data from the actual extensive research. Various methods for data collection were used thus capturing the information. Above all, the pilot research approach provides a good mechanism for analyzing the captured data. The intervention provided a better way of outlining the facts about the HIV, Hepatitis and drug abuse across the society thus generating new

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