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Article for the Local Newspaper Laguardia Airport consists of various benefits starting from the creation of jobs, general local revenue and attraction of other businesses among other benefits. The Airport is one of the essential economic assets that the local community should be proud of. Various improvement initiatives are underway such as the redesign of the airport expected to transform it into a unified airport that consists of better transportation access, more taxiways, air train as well as best-in-class passenger amenities. It is, therefore, necessary for the community to support such future improvements since it is a valuable and a vital facility to the community. Laguardia Airport has been an economic engine, especially for the community living around the airport. It has created hundreds of jobs for the locals who are either skilled or semi-skilled, and many people can raise their families. The businesses that have come up as a result of the airport also provide job opportunities to many within the community. The Airport contributes incomes and economic health to the community. Most entrepreneurs perceive the airport as an opportunity to grow their businesses hence many businesses look for the location to expand their businesses. The improvement of the airport is estimated to create 10,000 indirect jobs and 8,000 direct jobs that will generate wages of approximately $1.3 billion. The improvement is also expected to stimulate $5.2 billion in economic activity. The airport is a vital contributor to a greater New York metropolitan. It is crucial in facilitating access to tourists as well as businesses in the area (Tomer, 2015). The airport is considered as a

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