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Article Review of Market-Oriented Supply Chain Management (SCM) Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Article Review of Market-Oriented Supply Chain Management (SCM) Waller, Dabholkar, and Gentry (2000) conducted a study on the market-oriented Supply Chain Management (SCM). The research aimed to explore the idea of market-oriented SCM strategies and how they influence product versions, also known as the outside-in-processes, as well as internal capabilities, also referred to as the inside-out-process. The study mainly focused on establishing a relationship between product customization and postponement. From the reading, postponement refers to competency in a product version while product customization can be viewed as an outside-in-process. Notably, Waller et al. (2000) discuss that the coordination of these two strategies can contribute to an effective SCM. The findings of the study indicate that postponement allows firms to develop various versions of products according to customer’s needs and also modify a product. Notably, postponement can be useful in the distribution stage in cases whereby a business delays to transportation the finished products to retail stores. The research also reveals that companies are always in a position to achieve a competitive advantage through lower costs that are relative to competition and superior customer value. Thus, such businesses may achieve this result by using postponement for product customization. Despite the fact that customization and product postponement are separate decisions, they should be developed collaboratively through market-oriented SCM. In my opinion, companies should adopt mass customization

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