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Name Tutor Course Date Argument A true argumentation is one of the most crucial parts of the professional and academic world. When used appropriately, it is how thoughts are deliberated and shared in discussion communities. An argument can, therefore, be defined as a socio-cultural practice of creating, presenting, criticizing and amending disputes (Freeley 5). An argument involves two or more participants and the participants have a different perspective on an issue. One of the contributors is usually trying to persuade the other one on the truth about the issue at hand. On the other hand, rhetoric is a form of communication which discovers what is persuasive, why it is persuasive and who or what is persuading. Rhetoric usually deals with probabilities and demonstrations, especially when swaying others to act. An argument is usually presented through a number of steps where each step contains one proposition. It is, therefore, useful to take an argument and break it down laying the premises and conclusions. Firstly, one has to set the propositions and identify the conclusion. Some of these arguments will have conclusion markers like thus, therefore, so and hence. If you do not find the indicator, you should try and ask what the proposition is trying to convince. Secondly, when the conclusion has been identified, a double line should be drawn to help break down the conclusion. Thirdly, one should identify the premises that support the conclusion and draw one line on each idea. The first step to an argument is identifying what it is one will be arguing about; which is the conclusion or idea one will be defending. The second step is to provide evidence that

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