Are you a Team Player?: Internet Exercise

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Teamwork and Leadership Student’s Name Institution Course Date Abstract The nature of organizations makes it necessary for adoption of leadership strategies that enable firms to achieve their objectives. Various organizations offer team managing training to assist groups to adopt the appropriate skills. The essay seeks to evaluate the article in Fast Company to find out more about teamwork. There are various types of management styles in an organization. They vary from organization to organization based on the culture, individuals and communication methodology adopted in the organization. Team-based organization structure is the latest form of organization structure. There are emerging trends fuelled by information age where there is an emergence of self-managed teams and virtual teams in team-based organizations. Useful Insights from the Fast Company Teamwork and good leadership are essential to the success of an organization. Teamwork allows group members to work together to achieve their objective. A team requires leadership that guides its activities. Therefore, it is important to learn and adopt measures that improve teamwork and leadership. Leading from the front As a good leader, it’s important to set a good example for members of your team, which involves laying out the purpose of the group, rules of the group, and delegation of various activities in the group geared to make the team achieve a common goal. A good leader should be confident enough to critique team members if they do not conform to the team's goals (Leonhardt, 2018). Being consistent in both your actions and words would make sure team members know what you believe in. Match

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