Are Asian mothers too strict or do Americans merely perceive them that way as the result of a cultural misunderstanding, as Ojeda believes in her essay

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Your nameProfessor’s name Course name Date of submission Does Cultural Misunderstanding Affect the Relationship between Americans and Asians? Amparo Ojeda’s essay, “Growing up American: Doing the Right Thing”, gives readers an overview apropos of both American and Asian mothers. While there is an assumption about the latter’s strictness, Ojeda utilizes Filipinos to delineate the cultural differences between them and Americans (Thiagarajan 115 & 152). These disparities, therefore, lead to misconceptions and misunderstanding between the two groups in society. Readers understand that Americans perceive Asian mothers as strict and harsh due to prevalence of their cultural diversities. Fore mostly, these lengths of rigidity notable in the Asian culture are misconstrued by these Americans. Ojeda infers disrespect and an absence of values in these American children. Their spoilt nature gives them avenues to act in a derogatory manner (Ojeda 231). The writer relates these experiences with childhood where her Filipino parents demanded respect from children. It is quite unfortunate that culture interferes with the American adult’s ability to stand up to their children (Chua, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”). Ojeda is perturbed apropos of the calmness and tolerance in these American adults, despite the children’s stubbornness and misbehavior. Through such cultural differences, therefore, Americans assume that Asian mothers are strict in nature (Nanda & Richard 366-367). Evidently, socialization and upbringing has a great impact on the development of individuals. Additionally, there are salient differences between American and Filipino mannerisms,

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