Arab Muslims in the United States

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Introduction Globalization has been critical in making the world smaller, heterogeneous, and interdependent. In spite of these developments, globalization has been critical in creating a platform for clashes among diverse cultures. Immigrants focused on leaving their home nations for diverse reasons by either choice or necessity. The U.S. has been critical in depicting the image of a nation enjoying cultural diversity. One of the particular groups of interest for this discussion is the Arab Muslims in America. These immigrants sought to move to the U.S. in seeking better lives and fleeing prosecution. The group did come from completely different culture, language, and religion. These attributes have been critical in enhancing their susceptibility or vulnerability to diverse challenges such as assimilation, marginalization, separation, and integration. This paper explores and investigates the Arab Muslims in America. The focus will be on the media portrayal of the Arab Muslims, as well as the influence of the 9/11 incidence on the discrimination toward the Arab Muslims in the context of the U.S. Background Information In the modern America, about 3 million persons come out as adherents of Islam. Evidently, Arab Americans: Christian and Muslim, have the tendency to constitute a growing number of individuals in the American population. In the recent decades, there has been a rapid increase in the population migration across the world inclusive of the U.S. From this perspective, various persons across the world have focused on moving from one state to another by choice or necessity, thus, enormous implications for economic security, as well as globalization processes. The

Free Arab Muslims in the United States Essay Sample

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