Approaches to ethical standards

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Approaches to Ethical Standards; Consequences and Outcomes In this case study, it will involve two senior business classmates, Greg and Natalie. Both have known each other since lower division course though not as close friends but as classmates. In their senior year, Greg together with his close friends decided to enjoin Natalie into their study group for their end-term project. After a while, Grey realized that Natalie wasn’t putting in any effort into the project. In most cases, she would often turn up late for the group meetings, and most of the tasks assigned to her had to be redone by the members. As much as this irritated the members, they agreed to leave Natalie to do her own thing and carry on with the project. After completion and handing over the group’s final presentation, Greg and his group were required to evaluate their team members, and this was to be used to determine individual grades. For Greg, he comfortably awarded his teammates A's and B's for their contributions to the success of their project. For Natalie, however, Greg was faced with a dilemma. Should he give her an honest assessment and let her get the grade she deserves or turn a blind eye and give her good evaluation since the group received an A irrespective of her input? This paper will critically discuss why this dilemma is an ethical issue that requires an ethical assessment providing the possible significance and consequences of Greg’s actions. In ethics, there are five ethical approaches that Greg’s dilemma would have been solved. First and foremost, through application of the utilitarian approach. This approach explains

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