Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice

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Student Name Instructor Course Date Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice The research was on the application of technology on cardiac autonomic neuropathy. More specifically, the research was conducted to evaluate heart rate variability on cardio autonomic neuropathy patients. The results were that the technology proved to be of great use although there were negative implications. Firstly, the healthcare providers found it difficult to translate results to patients in a coherent manner. In most cases, patients would want to know their condition and if the physician is not able to give a clear statement, there is a likelihood of the community doubting the health care institution of that institution. Secondly, the patients who were involved in the research did not see the purpose of the CAN test. In addition, they found no implications of the resultsCITATION Vel17 p 180 l 1033 (Velayutham, Chandra and Bharath 180). Caring for the patient is the first role of every health practitionerCITATION Ste01 p 444 l 1033 (Stewart 444). Typically, the best care should be given to a patient to enhance their healing proves. In this regards, I would the findings found in the research. Essentially, the technology proved that patients were more engaged in their care than before the technology was introduced. In applying it, it attracts patients to be interested in their well-being rather than having the physicians doing the entire task. Thus, the providence of care would be easier due to the willingness of the patients to be willing to play their part. Although some of the patients lacked the purpose of the CAN test majority of them still found it useful. However, physicians

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