apply theory in chapter 4.5 & 4.6

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THE SATISFACTION THEORY AND THE ROLE THEORY Name Institution Introduction Marketing is an essential aspect of business. It is the reason why organizations and enterprises conduct business activities. It involves a variety of complex activities that must get conducted to thrive in any business endeavor. (Wilson et. al. 2012) It is the communication that takes place between employees and consumers with the aim of selling products and services to them. China Times an international business organization has succeeded because of effective marketing. The company has used the satisfaction model and the Role theory for the facilitation of the sale of its products and services and creating brand awareness Thesis statement The customer satisfaction model includes assessment of consumers’ attitude about products, services, and brands. On the other hand, the role theory involves how the management and staff members define their own functions, those of others, how they perform in their roles and how they expect others to perform in theirs. The customer satisfaction theory The customer satisfaction theory involves evaluation of customers’ reaction and attitude towards products and services. Therefore satisfying consumers is considered as the major indicator of performing in business. According to the theory, it results in the tendency of consumers wanting to repurchase products and services. The manipulation of customers eventually causes their satisfaction to reduce the cost of marketing, contract risk, increases sales, value of stock available, profitability and the general company image or that of an organization. Measuring the satisfaction of consumers via

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