Apply Sociological Imagination

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Social Diversity and Socio-Biographical Imagination Name Institution Social Diversity and Socio-biographical Imagination Humans are unique and dissimilar to other creatures. Nonetheless, in their divergent uniqueness, they have shared attributes more than they can imagine (Kendall, 2012). Noteworthy, humanity seems to be in a constant state of conflict, anxiety, and distress because of innate diversity in every individual. The profound limitation to why humanity finds it challenging to live in peace and harmony is the inability to understand and appreciate diversity due to the beliefs and values acquired from our social environments (McCoy, 2012). Social factors and backgrounds such as culture significantly shape societies both at local or global level and from groups to an individual. Equally, the characters and behaviors of individuals in their respective niches shape the society (Mills, 2000). Wright Mills invented the term sociological imagination, which infers to the ability to view a stranger’s society as your own from experiences and cultural biases perspective. Mills advocated viewing of one’s family as a stranger would, and this is only possible if one understands and appreciates the uniqueness of the society by personalizing it as your own. McCoy (2012) quotes Atticus Finch’s statement that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” The statement argues that to understand your neighbor and other varsities, one must be ready to suspend their bias and walk in the shoes of the other person. Culture is our identity; so is socialization,

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