Application for a Masters Program in Business Analytics

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Name Instructor Course Date Application for Master’s Program in Business Analytics Success in the realm of data analytics entails sufficient acquisition of both business knowledge and technical skills. Although it is conceivable to be self-reliant in technical skills, it is incredibly vital to collaborate on business understanding to generate significant and impactful data conceptions. Collaboration is a critical aspect of data analytics due to a vast number of business functions that require the pooling of resources to optimize efficiency. When data analytics professionals work together as a united team, they create visualizations that not only increase profitability but also ensure higher customer satisfaction (Lee 1). Though I pursued business economics during my undergraduate studies, I have acquired a myriad of skills that mainly relate to business analytics. Besides being highly self-sufficient in the realization of my duties, I value team-work. I view collaboration as a robust support mechanism in the field of data analytics, which thrives with the consolidation of different concepts. My undergraduate program together with extensive career exposure during practicum and other opportunities that exposed me to a multitude of clients have helped me evaluate and comprehend my strengths and weaknesses. Throughout these experiences, I have developed a strong affinity towards business analytics as the foundation for success in any business. I envision climbing the ladder in business management and finding myself in a position of determining the flow of companies across the world. I must supplement my economics knowledge with the sophisticated techniques of

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