Apple vs. Microsoft: Who Wants Filmmakers More?

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Communications: Podcast Analysis The podcast is a recorded news show broadcast of the No Film School. In the podcast, the hosts engage in informative reporting and discussion of several news items. In a couple of instances, the hosts engage a reporter or correspondent via phone calls. One of the topics they discuss is the screening of several Indie films. They also discuss the ongoing protests at the Dakota Access oil pipeline where journalists have been targeted and victimized by the police for filming the protests. The hosts also talk about the new iPhone 7 and compare it with the new Microsoft Windows tablet. The podcast is quite interesting and informative. The hosts engage in talks that not only inform, but also educate the listener on the various topics involved. Their reporting and discussing is extensive and incisive, giving the listener so much information about the topics. The hosts also take use the podcast to voice their opinions on the various topics. Furthermore, they call on contributions from other contributors asking them to give more information on the topics they are discussing. From time to time, there are breaks, particularly between one topic and the other. The breaks make the podcast well-organized and prevent the listening from becoming too monotonous. Although the podcast is interesting and informative, I would not listen to it for a second time because, with the first listening, I already have all the information that the podcast offers. The discussions of the podcast are so comprehensive that everything sinks with a single listening. Moreover, the discussions are about very common things -

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