Apple Pricing Case

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APPLE'S PRICING STRATEGY: EMBRACING CLASS AND MASS? Name Course Professor University City and State Date APPLE'S PRICING STRATEGY: EMBRACING CLASS AND MASS? Problem definition In the case study, one problem that faces the Apple Company is stiff competition from other different companies that are producing smartphones to the existing and upcoming market. Some of the competitors are Samsung, techno, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Microsoft. The rise of smartphone industries made Apple come up with two products which were almost similar, but of different qualities, that's iphone5c and 5s. The pricing of 5c was very low as expected in the market. Moreover, it was priced like that to venture the market and compete with other industries due to the low pricing strategy they put on their product. Apple competition is also high as it faces very stiff competition from Sony and Samsung mostly because of their mass production of new generation phones, for example, Samsung produces the advance Samsung S8+ phones which is a great competition to the iPhone 10. Another fact of high competition is the act of iPhone pricing their products cheaply in the market to increase their sales (McGrath, 2013). Alternative solutions The company’s experience of high product competition in 2013 was a very concerning matter due to loss of markets in the potential countries. It, therefore, resolved to develop cheap products which brought a lot of controversy in the existing market. However, some solutions can be considered for the high competition challenges it faces. The solutions include: Production of high-quality products which is one main factor of production. I agree with the

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