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Unipolar Depressive Disorder Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Introduction section Introduction The unipolar depressive disorder is one of the psychological conditions that is common yet many people fail to acknowledge its existence. Currently, the condition is one of the major factors that contribute to suicide in an adolescent. It has become the leading cause of death in adolescents in this age group. The condition is also known to cause educational impairment whereby learning becomes difficult. The condition of the unipolar depressive disorder has been associated with increased substance abuse, obesity, and increased rate of smoking. Depression in adolescents is one of the conditions that is mostly missed given symptoms such as behavioral problems, the decline in academic performance, substance abuse, and physical symptom among others. The unipolar depression in adolescents is the main focus of this research. There has been a research gap because most of the data that is available for the study is usually based on the depressive symptoms that have been reported (Anderson, 2016). Hypothesis; Unipolar depressive disorder and episodes can be prevented and controlled by students having an elevated risk of the depressive disorder. Literature Review A Unipolar depressive disorder is a depressive episode that has no manic phase that occurs within the classic form of bipolar disorder. The condition occurs when an individual has all symptoms of depression ranging from sleeping disturbance, despondency, morbid thoughts, suicidal thoughts, and a feeling of worthlessness (Clarke, 1995). However, there is no organic

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