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“A Beautiful Mind” Movie Review Student’s nameInstitution Abstract The movie “A Beautiful Mind" talks about the story of a mathematical genius John Forbes Nash who has been affected with the paranoia of schizophrenia. The film is directed by Ron Howard and the movie bases on true live events of Nash who is a genius in mathematics. The characteristics of this person are shown by Russel Crowe who is another actor in the movie. When the movie begins, Nash commences his career as a graduate student at Princeton University where his intelligence is well noticed by most of his colleagues and lecturers. However, Nash is a student with too much arrogance, awkwardness and he doesn’t like socializing with other people. He took most of his time trying to discover an innovative mathematical equation. When the movie reaches halfway, we notice that half of the situations and places that are a part of the film are only as a result of Nash's "beautiful mind's" illusion. It is at this point that we discover Nash is diagnosed with a certain disease known as schizophrenia. One of the virtual characters developed by Nash includes Charles Herman who appears as his roommate, and studies English Literature. “A Beautiful Mind” Movie Review Schizophrenia has been described in the film as "split mind." Where it does not refer to some personality split but to a real split which is diagnosed itself in disturbed perceptions, disorganized reasoning, and unsuitable actions and emotions (Myers, 2007). Nash experienced a lot of hallucinations and delusions which were back then diagnosed as symptoms of schizophrenia paranoia. Schizophrenia has a lot of subtypes which. An example is

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