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Online Focus Group Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The article is a bit dated (2004), so what updated platforms or websites might be utilized to conduct OFGs? Web conferencing services (Kite & Phongsavan, 2017). Social media networks such as Facebook. What was the most important information you gleaned from the article? Online focus groups (OFG) have emerged as essential qualitative methods which allow researchers to get primary data from people across different time zones. Unfortunately, little scholarly works have been written about this method of data collection. OFGs can be classified into two major groups namely; synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous group is more or less similar to traditional face to face focus groups because they are characterized by real-time interaction between the respondents and the researcher, but instead of using classrooms they employ software packages and chatrooms (Kite & Phongsavan, 2017). Synchronous focus groups are advantageous in the sense that they enable moderators to gain real-time and spontaneous reactions from the respondents, thus making the results more reliable (Oringderff, 2004). However, these types of OFGs are disadvantageous in the sense that moderators can find it difficult to manage respondents from multiple time zones. On the other hand, asynchronous groups are those that allow respondents to participate in discussion questions at their convenient time via listservs, mail, and discussion groups. This OFGs are advantageous in the sense that they are able to address the issues of different time zones and provides important allowances to respondents with different typing capabilities

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