Annotated Bibliography: Glass Ceiling

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Annotated Bibliography: Glass Ceiling Barreto Manuela C, Michelle K. Ryan, and Michael T. Schmitt. The Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century: Understanding Barriers to Gender Equality. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2009. Print. This book is an analysis of the psychological trends that prevent women from accessing positions of power in the society. The book draws on theories and research conducted in the past. This 2009 edition mainly looks at the delicate barriers that hinder women from accessing leadership at the workplace. The common theme running through the 12 chapters of this book is how gender discrimination has transformed into a complex and sensitive over time. The modern chauvinism, much like other forms of discrimination is veiled compared to its old-fashioned form. Hence, individuals find it more difficult pointing it out and generally lack the emotional awareness to point to its occurrence. Bell Myrtle P. Diversity in Organizations. Mason, Ohio: South-Western College,2012. Print. 224 Diversity in organizations is a broad research-based text that is constructed to meet the needs of different disciplines. The book provides a good analysis on the different aspects of diversity in the organization, including the reason why diversity is critical to the organizations as it recruits, retains, and in effectively and adequately employing a diverse workforce and the laws that are related to diversity. The book conducts in-depth discussions of critical ethnic groups, the two genders, religion, work, family, appearances, physical abilities, mental abilities and sexual orientation. The book provides suggestions to its readers on ways of becoming

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