Animal Testing

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Animal testing Institution Student’s Name Course Date   Animal testing Introduction Animal testing entails the uses of animals apart from the human beings for research experiments in seeking the control of various variables which affect all the biological systems being studied. Small animals are always used in these studies to study the biological systems of human beings because scientists explain that animals are like human beings. Animals always used in these studies include rats, mice, pigs, rats, cats among many others. This approach is not similar to field studies where animals are examined in their natural habitats (the Mur, 2014). For a long time animals have been used in research. Some areas in which animals have been used include disease treatment, pharmaceutical industries and assessing the quality of cosmetics and house products among others. These experiments are usually done in universities, medical schools and pharmaceutical companies (Judson, 2006). Although animal research has led to many advantages, some scientists are against it because they claim during the process animals are tortured and even killed (Berlatsky, 2015). Animal research has been fundamental in the world. It has led to major developments. For example, without animal research on mice and goats, it was discovered that human papilloma virus is responsible for the development of cervical cancer by the German virologist Harald zur Hausen. Problem statements Animal testing has continued to provide solutions to problems affecting human beings today more specifically in the medical field. Apart from its advantages, during these experiments, countless animals have been

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