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Name Course Date Instructor Survey shows there is immense sexual attack at U.S top universities By Nick Anderson and Susan Svrluga (The Washington Post- 9/21/2015) A nationwide survey done by the Association of American Universities was conducted from November 2014 to February 2015. The survey was done in 27 prominent universities in the United States 26 of which are AAU member universities. More than 150,000 students had their responses taken during the survey. The primary target in the survey was the students in the prominent universities who gave their responses on the sexual misconduct and assault in the universities (Anderson and Svrluga, 6). The general results obtained from the students were through web survey which focused on the use of questionnaires having a response of 19 percent. The margin of the sampling error in the survey is between one and three percentage points with the error of margin being two percentage points. The survey conducted by interviewing 150,000 students and above indicated that 20 percent and above female students from the 27 prominent universities are suffering from the sexual harassment and misconduct. Undergraduate men and women have been victims of the non-consensual sexual contact with 23 and 5 percent respectively admitting the actions. The assaults are due to the sexual touching and even penetration which is due to the use of force or incapacitation. Of the undergraduate women, eleven percent confirmed to have been victims of attempted penetration or the non-consensual penetration. Sexual assault and harassment among the females have a higher rate than the males (Anderson and Svrluga, 56). Female students are deemed to be

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