Analysis on the telescope effect

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZ 16 November 2016 Analysis of the Telescope Effect The author, Shankar Vedantam points out many inconsistencies in his authorship about the capacity of human compassion when dealing with the stark differences of how humans can feel real concern for an abandoned dog as opposed to mass genocide in a faraway country. Vedantam’s claim is that humans are biased on moral judgments about situations that are many thousands of miles away in another hemisphere of the world. This telescoping effect equips humans to react when a single entity is lost at sea over millions of genocide victims in a foreign land. The facts are that humans have blinders on when genocide occurs in a world away. Humans feel outraged when a situation occurs closer to home. This thing about the “hidden brain” is something about how humans deal with how the unconscious part of the brain reacts to bad news. Humans react to situations that are closer to home, as it is something they can control. These next paragraphs will discover how humans react to information that directly affects how they react as human beings in regards to bad news of an abandoned dog, or those monsters who believe it is acceptable to take another’s life. Point 1 Humans are contradictory in the fact that one small dog captures the heart more people than mass genocide (Vedantam, 1). It definitely seems empathy does have a telescoping effect on human behavior. Why the dog was abandoned was not as important as the outcry it caused among the cruise passengers and all those who learned the storyline later. Most humans are dog lovers and treat them just like family. No person who owns a dog they thought of as

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