Analysis of the Sporting Goods Industry

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Analysis of the Sporting Goods Industry Driving forces of change in the sporting goods industry Various driving forces of change are necessitating revolutions in the sporting goods industry as can be observed from current market trends in the industry. For instance, this industry is facing a slowdown. The slowdown is majorly attributed to the decreased participation of individuals in the industry. This has been caused by increased involvement of kids in video games rather than real ground gaming. Therefore, most of the sporting goods customers became adults rather than kids hence a shift in the target market. Fashion changes and interests are also imminent in the sports industry. Every new day is associated with new fashion styles hence some of the sports goods run out of fashion a while after their release. Companies in this industry also need to identify future potential markets for exploration. For instance, the Asia-Pacific region is currently the largest new market for sporting goods and equipment. Technological changes is also another major driving force of change in the sporting goods industry as most of the new athletic and sports equipment need to be highly technically improved. For instance, new apparel that can measure changes in body conditions such as pulse rate and breathing rate are replacing the old ones. New technological equipment in the industry also includes smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy gears, Apple smart watches, and Sony Smartwatches that can measure heartbeat and breathing rates have been discovered. The increased involvement in sports and exercise by most individuals across the world has also necessitated designing of a broad variety

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