analysis of both material and non material culture

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Name: Professor: Course: Date An Analysis of Material and Non-material Culture Culture is the way of life of people. It hence differs from place to place, and it could also change over time. It’s influenced by a lot of factors, which over time could alienate the culture, or strengthen it depending on how much the people are into their culture. Often it describes people’s ways of life, their eating habits, dressing, and behaviors towards others, their values, beliefs, and norms (Giddens, 6). Further, it could be defined based on the pattern of activities or symbols that are used by a community and usually go a long way in giving significance to a given activity in the society. Culture could, therefore, be defined by the material and non-material culture. Material culture includes tangible items, resources or even spaces that are directly associated to a certain group of people, and they directly relate to them, for example, homes, artifacts, religious structures, products produced by the society, tools among others. Whereas non-material culture references the non-tangible ideas that people have towards their cultural superiority, this includes norms, morals, rules and regulations, values, language, beliefs, organization (Giddens,7) just to mention but a few. As the societies grow and interact with others, some cultural practices could change although those key identifiers of the society remain intact as they are quite vital. In Sarah’s story, a few elements of culture are illustrated, this is the beliefs and norms that are acceptable in the society, enforcement, and maintenance of safety, the police being the enforcers, in this case, language and the

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