Analysis and Comparison of Sources

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Student`s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Analysis and Comparison of Sources The End of Poverty a documentary by Phillipe Diaz and articles The End of Men or the Rebirth of Class by June Carbone and Naomi Cahn and In the Shadow of Violence and Trauma by Ian Bethell-Bennett are imperative materials in understanding different social aspects. The three materials give an in-depth insight various issues ailing the society today. This essay, therefore, compares the three materials based on themes, situations that need critical attention, and how men and women are featured. In the article the End of Men or the Rebirth of Class, the authors depict today’s society as an all-inclusive one where women have access to a lot more opportunities compared to the recent past. The developments that have aided the rise of women to better positions include their increased entry into the labor market, labor market diversification and the need for female employees in various sectors. This situation has been facilitated by the fact that women do not look up to men for the contribution of their part in the new society. The second source, In the Shadow of Violence and Trauma, highlights the division of people by color and class. This according to Ian Bethel caused huge differences in power and income among people leading to inequality within the famous Bahamas Island. The documentary the End of Poverty is also an insightful material where Diaz speaks of the historical injustices that occurred in third world countries and their effects in this day and time. According to the documentary, the colonizers looted the property belonging to these indigenous people, and once they were

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