Analyse Forces Shaping the HR Agenda

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ANALYZE FORCES SHAPING THE HR AGENDA Course Professor University Location Date Question 1 Ethics, accountability, CSR and corporate governance Many businesses in the current dispensation are required to act ethically and accountable while discharging their duties. Moreover, they should also participate in programs and projects that ‘give back to the community,’ that is, CSR. An organization like a hospital (MEDWELL, for instance, and as mentioned in the subsequent pages) follows an ethical code required for professionals and is founded on certain principles. These doctrines determine how the workers should behave and establishes the brand personality which also explains the perception of the workers regarding the company. Specific business units are guided by their ethical codes that relate to the values of the group. For instance, the hospital HR, just like other functions in many organizations is governed by CIPD moral code. The content in this requirement entails Professional competence, Integrity and other ethical standards in institutions. More specifically, Responsibility while discharging duties is encouraged. The hospital again has got its brand values of Respect for everyone, Dedication, Care for its Clients, and accountability. The personality supported by the HR in this health care is warm, caring, human, understanding, global outlook and approachable. The company’s intranet has got all the above information and other requirements such as fair treatment to the clients, Safety Requirements, Security and Protection of Data. This facilitates easy access to all the data that is necessary to the workers. Each employee is also required to be

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