An Autobiography about myself for college acceptance

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Name Professor Course Date Autobiography My childhood dream was to pursue a course in the medical field, although I was not quite specific with what I wanted to do, I used to admire medical practitioners. My mother is a doctor, and she is my role model, I liked the way she used to handle minor diseases such as fever, and cold when I was a child. When I was a sophomore, in high school, one of my friends introduced me to diagnostic medical sonography, and it interested me. Looking back to my high school years, we were not introduced to college as we should since everybody expected us to get a diploma and be done with education. I graduated with honors, but I still feel that I am smarter than that if I exercise my full potential. I later joined Blue Ridge Community College where I was told that my ACT grade was not high enough for some of the courses and therefore I had to take them once again. As such, I enrolled intermediate classes before I could take up the actual course. After two years in this school, I felt wasted after councilors told me that I did not need to retake the courses that I had enrolled earlier to get into a diagnostic medical sonography school. I felt that I was not going anywhere and therefore I transferred to another college where made a completely new difference. At this new college, I was able to graduate associates degree, but unfortunately, I had missed the deadline for radiology school and therefore I had to wait a while longer. As I waited for the next application opening, my brother Alex was involved in a car accident; this was after getting into a fight with my parents about him drinking at a party. He got angry and left with his

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