An Analysis of the Poem, “A Thing of Beauty” By John Keats

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An Analysis of the Poem, “A Thing of Beauty” By John Keats Introduction Is John Keat’s “Endymion” the most romantic tragedy? Romance is a positive feeling that people aim to experience, but the tragedy is what people would like to avoid. The use of the two aspects at the same time is very rare in poetry and other pieces of work. However, John Keats uses tragedy and romance at the same time to create a deep value in the meaning of the poem, “A Thing of Beauty.” Therefore, it can be assumed that the correct use of romantic tragedy can be the best way to relay the theme of love through the development of the romantic poem. In achieving his goal of developing strong poetic meaning, Keats uses rhyming couplets. This is a set of two words that are spoken sequentially to create a musical element in the poem (Conte 8-13). According to Keats, the use of the rhymes, however, have more value in creating contrasts, a rare feat that is not common in most poems. For example in lines one and two, Keats uses the words “ever” and “never” to end the lines. These two words technically have opposite meanings as one shows the non-ending possibility and another absolute non-possibility. However, they still help in relaying the message that the love he is talking about is possible to create endless joy, and will never amount to nothingness. The same value is used throughout the poem including the use of the terms, “Blooms” and “Dooms” in lines nineteen and twenty. Keats also makes use of unique language that includes both the Neologisms and Archaisms concepts. To show his prowess in the use of neologisms, Keats uses the words 'surgy' in line 121 and

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