An Analysis of the “Banking” Concept by Paulo Freire and “Beside Oneself” By Judith Butler

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The “banking” concept by Paulo Freire remains one of the key works that led to a shift in the way we look at education. Through his work, Freire vehemently highlights the shortcomings of the education system and provides a new approach that caters for the shortcomings in class. On the other hand, Butler also highlights the dilemma almost each one of us goes through as we question ourselves what is right and what is wrong in her work “beside oneself.” However, Butler makes a general assumption that human beings draw their recognition or value from other people by being intelligible to each other. Therefore, both writers highlight the misconceptions and challenges facing society and how best we can tackle those challenges. According to Freire, the banking education system is the key source of human error because it discourages creativity and intellectual progression of learners since it turns them into receivers and custodians of information without critically analyzing the information (246). Consequently, Freire argues that the banking concept creates a barrier between a student and a teacher leading to the loss of one's conciseness because conciseness is achievable when one connects to the real world. The banking concept is therefore based on the assumption that the teachers assume the duty of depositors whereas the learners assume the role of receptors thus making people equivalent to objects. Freire believes as “objects,” people have no independence and capability to process information individually when he says “when their efforts to act responsibly are frustrated when they find themselves unable to use their faculties, people suffer” (Freire 246).

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