An Analogy between US and UK with respect to refugee status settlement law and policies

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Name: Professor’s Name: Topic Date Refugee Status Determination of UK and US Background information I chose this discussion to compare UK and US as these countries receive the highest number of immigrants in Europe and America. Both of their legal systems depend heavily on the British Common Law. Although this is similar, they end up with different outcomes in their Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Process. This essay will try to explain the factors of different results even in similar cases. I will argue that while commenting on how the RSD process operates in the US and the UK, they produce different outcomes in most cases, although they have a similar legal infrastructure. International law Before acquiring a "refugee" status, a person must first seek asylum. An asylum seeker does not have the protection rights of a refugee; rather, they must undergo the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process. A person declares themselves an asylum seeker while the United States and the United Kingdom governments declare them a refugee after a successful RSD process. Refugees flee their home from the fear of persecution due to many factors. Some of these factors are religion, their political opinions, and their involvement in a particular social group, their nationality and their race (Press 174). The 1951 Refugee Convention protects these refugees. However, other than the reasons as mentioned above for seeking asylum, armed violence, and natural disasters are major contributors to the high number of refugees worldwide. According to estimations, the number of refugees in the world range between ten to twelve million. Refugees who flee their homes due to armed to

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