American promise

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Name: Professor’s Name: American Promise Date The American Promise A promise may be an assurance of the occurrence of one thing or another or that a person will do something. However, from this context, the American Promise is not a mere pledge of something happening. Instead, it states that all men are created equal, and their creator endowed them with specific inalienable rights. The American promise elaborates the state of mind of the Americans at large. Since the Creator provides the Promise is a mere guarantor cannot deprive a citizen of it, neither can they give it to any citizen since it does not originate from them. In the United States, a legislative branch must validate agreements given by the government to effect an amendment to the constitution. Ratification is the validation process. In 21st June 1788 Ratification of the American Constitution took place. In the United States Constitution, the thirteenth through fifteenth amendments are the Reconstruction Amendments (Zinn, 74). These changes followed the American civil war. From ratification through the reconstruction amendments, the American constitution stated some promises through the Bill of Rights. According to Eric Foner, an American History writer, the acceptance of the law was an evident failure of the fulfillment of the American Promise. The ratification of the constitution was democratic. However, it neglected the rights of minorities like women, Indians, African Americans, and unpropertied whites. These minorities had full representation, but the constitution did not sufficiently protect them. Besides, after the ratification of the law, wealthy merchants and landowners ruled most states

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