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Name: Date: Graded Assignment Semester Test, Part 2 The semester test has two parts. Part 1 has 45 online, computer-scored questions. Part 2 has 3 offline, teacher-scored questions. Complete the offline portion of the Semester Test now. Read each question carefully. Answer in the space provided. When you finish, submit it to the teacher. Remember: You need to complete both parts of the test by the due date to receive full credit. Total score: ____ of 40 points (Score for Question 1: ___ of 10 points) Over the course of the semester, you have seen how literature can be used for a variety of purposes. Choose a work from the semester that serves each of these purposes—helping readers survive in a new land, contributing to the creation of a new nation, and developing a national literature—and explain briefly how the work you chose serves its purpose. The piece chosen for this question is The Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson is the main author of this historical piece of literature. He was a prolific author who wrote from the heart. His service to America as the third president chose to write how budding nation created a new form of government called Democracy (BIO, 1). Americans will have the right to a government that bases itself in the freedom that comes from the right to govern by committee and system of check and balances. This document is non-fiction literature at its best. It set the ground rules for America. Historical literature is crucial for all Americans to understand the concept of American Democracy (Jefferson, 1). The Declaration of Independence is critical literary work for all Americans to understand because it sets the

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