American History Summary

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American History Summary Name Institutional Affiliation Summary For a long time, the politics of the United States has been characterized by competition for power and influence. Since the times of Abraham Lincoln, the US has experienced extreme competition in politics, particularly during general elections. America has had two main political parties. The parties include the Democrats and the Republicans. It has always been racing against time for these parties when competing for political power to outdo one another. For example, in the 1870s, Republicans mostly dominated the Democrats. The North was composed of mostly Republicans and the Southern States had more Democrats. The Southern States mostly felt that the North was oppressing them. The South felt that the North was dominating political power at its expense. Also, another notable feature was that the Northern States were richer than their southern counterparts. Some of these differences still persist today because the United States is characterized by states which are mainly Democrats and Republicans. The fight for supremacy between Democrats and Republicans has not only played out in the public sphere during divisive campaigns but also in the house debates. The House of Congress has historically been characterized by extreme fights between the significant political parties of Democrats and Republicans. The fights have played out publicly and in the house. The reconstruction and reintegration debate has been a non-starter idea in the House of Congress. Political polarization dominated the reign of Abraham Lincoln. However, his assassination did not help matters as the polarization continued. Lincoln

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