American foreign policy

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Name Professor Subject Date Theodore Roosevelt’s influence on American foreign policy The foreign policy of the United States is its strategy regarding its diplomatic dealings with other nations and the standards set to control the interactions for its corporations, organizations and the citizens. For its first two hundred years, the united states foreign policy was isolationist. The isolationist policy meant that the united states did not intervene in the affairs of other nations especially in Europe. In the 20th century, the American foreign policy began to shift from isolationism (Rossini, 49). Between the wars, American foreign policy reverted to isolationism before it started an interventionist policy, especially during the cold war. In the years leading to world war 1, America had become an industrial nation and begun to involve itself in world affairs. Of all the American presidents between 1896 and 1945, Theodore Roosevelt is the one who most defined American foreign policy. Theodore Roosevelt came to power at a time when America had become a strong industrial nation and world. Theodore wanted to increase American influence across the globe, promote the exportation of American values, improve the national defense and reduce the isolationism that had dominated the united states in the 1800s. His approach to foreign policy was based on the fundamental principles that included: promoting American interest across the world, building a strong navy, maintaining a good relationship with Britain and maintaining a good relationship between American government and its citizens. Theodore's foreign

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