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Allocating Resources Complete the following table, providing a description of the criteria and potential ethical concerns. Criteria Description Ethical Concerns Personal Criteria These criteria present personal values and choices when making a decision. As an illustration, one may stop to seek life-sustaining medical interventions. As a result, the patient may prevent a life-prolonging case. In many cases, this can be compared to a patient requires a doctor to perform euthanasia. Some people have raised ethical concerns about reasons why euthanasia should be allowed or not. Some of the people argue that euthanasia should be allowed because it is a way of releasing a patient from the pain they go through. It is considered as death with dignity. People who are against euthanasia argue on religious grounds and the law. There are countries with laws supporting euthanasia whereas other nations discourage this practice. Socio-medical Criteria These criteria are similar to social media criteria, but socio-medical criteria provide an overall social good. An example of socio-medical criteria is age-based decision-making. The old people are always not given a priority when they seek medical intervention because they are considered as uninformed generation and will be a wastage of resources investing in them. Medical Criteria In the medical criteria, there are certain medical decisions which are being made limited to certain people due to inadequate resources. There are times when patients are denied services because they can no longer be supported through a life support system. These decisions made by the hospital may negatively affect the patient’s relatives. The

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