Al Capone

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Al Capone Background Information Born to Italian parents in 1899 in Brooklyn, New York, Al Capone developed into the most feared gangster in the History of the United States. During the height of prohibition in 1920, Al Capone dominated the organized crime incidences after being linked to multi-million dollar operations in Chicago. Beside armed robbery, he engaged in illegal businesses including prostitution, bootlegging, and gambling. He was held responsible for many acts of violence, especially against other gangsters. Among the famous scene is his order to assassinate seven of his rivals in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre that happened in 1929. Though he was never indicted for criminal acts, Al Capone was judged in 1931 for income-tax evasion. He served a jail term of six-and-a-half years and in Miami in the year 1947. His gangster person has been captured in a variety of violent movies. Early Life Al Capone was born in the City of New York to Teresa Capone and Gabriele Capone, who were of Italian ancestry (Iorizzo 2). His father worked as a barber while his mother made her living through sewing. The family moved to America in 1893, the time when the hard economic condition wracked the country for years. They settled at Tenement where they lived for a while before moving in the outskirts of Park Slope where he met his wife Mary Coughlin and Johny Torrio, his mob Mentor. Al Capone started schooling at John Jay, P.S.7 preparatory school located near the Navy Yard. He later transferred to William A. Butler; P.S. 133 near Garfield after the family had moved. Al Capone is said to have been a good student in the

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