Against Meat by Jonathan Safran Foer

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Against Meat by Jonathan Safran Foer Summary Foer became a vegetarian at an early age, and he loathed eating meat. His parents had cautioned him against torturing or inflicting pain on family members, friends, upholstered furniture and farm animals. Foer could not face up to facts that eating meat means a threat to farm animals until his adolescence years. It came on him that every time he eats meat, a farm animal will have been killed. As a small kid, on some occasions, Foer would shift between being a vegetarian and an omnivore and vice versa (Foer, 2009). Foer’s main point in his article is that humans tend to torture and inflict pain on farm animals in the name of butchering them for meat. The move to become a pure vegetarian intensified when he neared fatherhood. Immediately after meeting the love of his life who would later become the mother of his kids, Foer decided to settle as a vegetarian. He had to choose on behalf of his children. In his article, Foer reveals the suffering that cows and chickens have to go through in the quest to feed humanity. Chickens are cramped, blinded, suffer internal bleeding, and their legs and necks are also broken or twisted (Foer, 2009). Cows, on the other hand, are skinned and butchered while still conscious. In a nutshell, Foer does not like how animals are treated and tortured. Humans love to eat meat because it probably tastes good but at times, they tend to ignore the implications of their dietary choices. He plainly accepts that the meal of a vegetarian cannot be “as rich as a diet that includes a meal” (Foer, 2009). Motivated by the story of his grandmother during the 1st world war, Foer and his wife decided to

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