Affordable Care Act policy in USA

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Name Professor Title Date Affordable Care Act policy in USA Among the advanced industrialized nations, the United States has a unique health care system. It doesn’t have universal health care coverage or a uniform health care system. However, legislation was recently enacted that mandates health care coverage for nearly everybody. Rather than operating a single-payer national health insurance system, a national health service, or a multi-player universal health insurance fund, the United States may be best referred to a hybrid system. Most of the health care in the United States is delivered privately even when publicly financed. Affordable health care has been in the political arena for some time now. According to the current president Donald Trump, compelling almost all Americans to have some kind of health care insurance or pay a fine isn’t the right decision for America. The president does not support offering insurance to unlawful immigrants stating that the restriction of immigration would boot out health care expenses for local and state governments. Obama’s and Trump’s views on affordable care policy differ in many ways. Despite the differences, there are some similarities between trump’s and Obama’s views. According to Obama, people who could afford health insurance must obtain coverage by purchasing a health plan if one isn’t already supplied by their employer. If one doesn’t acquire it, he or she is subject to a penalty. On the other hand, president Trump doesn’t agree with the penalty. He would like to repeal the penalty and mandate but if a person is uninsured for over two months, he or she would pay thirty percent surcharge on

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