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Name Professor Title Date Problems with Democracy in the United States Democracy establishes a system of government where the supreme authority belongs to the public and may exercise it directly or via their elected leaders under a credible electoral system. The United States is the first nation in the modern history to embrace a democratic constitution. Also, the country promotes democracy in other countries across the world that helps to establish a stable, secure, and a successful global ground where the United States may advance its own interests. Democratically governed countries are more probable to secure the harmony, expand open markets, deter aggression, promote economic growth, combat international crime and terrorism, protect American citizens, uphold workers and human rights, avoid refugee flows and humanitarian crises, protect human health, and improve the global environment. (Miller and Quealy n.p). Though America is a strong democracy in the world, there are problems with democracy in the United States. The problems include but not limited to Gerrymandering and closed primaries Money politics and too many voters per congressional district Low-information voters and media bias People lack political power or an easy way to mobilize Difficult to communicate with elected representatives Difficult register and vote Gerrymandering refers to the manipulation of borders so as to favor one class or party. Over twenty years now, the United States Congress has increasingly become polarized. The total number of positions offered every state is overseen by the Congress, proportionally depending on the latest tally every ten years. Typically, the

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