Advocate Worksheet

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Advocate Worksheet Name Institution Affiliation OT Code of Ethics: Principle Example of how the principle ties to Policy/Advocacy 1. Beneficence (See code of ethics or textbook for more detail) When approaching advocacy in occupational therapy, therapist shall develop actions with the intentions of benefiting others. Therapists can use assertive communication to help the less fortunate people who cannot afford self-advocacy such as the disabled, the sick, and children (Sandstrom et al. 77). They can also advocate concerns for the well-being of others by preventing unscrupulous acts and helping clients get legal advice. 2. Nonmaleficence An occupational therapist shall avoid actions that may be harming the client. It includes identifying unethical practices from a peer which may harm the client (Sandstrom et al. 78). 3. Autonomy and Confidentiality Occupational therapists are obliged to treat clients according to their desires and within the accepted standards as to protect their confidential information. Includes allowing the patients to self-advocate and providing them with important information such as why they should attend gym classes rather than attending special education classes (Sandstrom et al. 78). 4. Social Justice, Advocates for the provision of therapy services that are beneficial to the society. Includes educating clients on how to spend less on therapy and educating them on how the therapy gets reimbursed by an insurance provider (Sandstrom et al. 78). 5. Procedural Justice Stipulates that occupational therapist must abide by the code of ethics and international laws. The therapists must uphold the reimbursement regulations and laws

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