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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Advertisement Introduction Advertisements mainly target specific audiences with the aim of capturing their attention. A flashy advertisement will automatically have a psychological effect on the audience and influence their decisions profoundly. We see that there is a mental effect of an ad on its intended target as they will be convinced to do exactly what the advertisers want them to. There are several advertisements ranging from products to job advertisements. People looking for employees tend to explain all the requirements and discourage unqualified personnel from applying for the jobs. The creation of a brand awareness alters the behaviors of the audience being targeted by the advertisement at any time. Hence, it is possible to get specific products being sold easily despite their qualities. Advertisements urge the audience using images and other forms of materials in the media thereby shaping their decisions. Advertisements have several stages that must be undertaken to make them successful. The first step involves creating awareness followed by many others such as reminders loyalties and promotions that win the audience’s hearts. When people are exposed to specific items on a constant basis, they grow fonder of them. This is the psychological aspect of advertisement regarding its impact on the audience. We are going to have two advertisements regarding employment and job application. Job one Jobs On Wheels. We are looking for incredibly creative individuals with good entrepreneurial skills to spearhead the goals of our company. This individual will serve as the operations manager and will be in charge of the

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