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Drug Addictions Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date The world health organization has it that drug addiction has significantly increased resulting in a social problem. They indicate that this issue interferes with one’s ability to accomplish goals and dreams of life. Mostly, people make the assumption of being too powerful, in control and bright to become addictive. Such assumption often traps individuals in this menace rendering them powerless and loses control. Drug abuse ruins one’s health and family structure. This paper will, therefore, address the effects and causes of various drug addictions highlighting the role that people play towards this condition. There are some reasons why people become addicted as emphasized in this paper and different substances that are abused leading to this situation. Studies indicate this social evil is immensely increasing among individuals in the modern world with many users being young adults and teenagers. Drug addiction causes over dependency on drugs in all the activities of the users. It becomes difficult for one to accomplish a particular role efficiently without the use of substance abuse. Drug addiction conditions one psychologically resulting into stipulated mental and behavioral responses after intake of narcotics. A drug addict is affected physically and psychological by the constant substance abuse in which the urge for reliance keeps on increasing more. Currently, there exists a wide variety of drugs available in the society including depressants, stimulants, narcotics and hallucinogens. The most common used drugs among the addicts include marijuana, cocaine, flaca, alcohol, and cigarettes.

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