adapt communication to meet different communication needs of adults

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Author Tutor Course Date Adapting to meet different communication needs It is essential to express sensitivity towards the needs of other adults who might have communication difficulties. It is possible that people might change their communicating methods to suit people who have communication difficulties without realizing. In most cases, people automatically adjust the way they react to others depending on the individual. For example, when a person is talking to a hearing-impaired person, maintaining an eye contact allows the person to read the lips of the communicator and therefore ease the communication process. Various methods can be used to improve communication despite the specified communication difficulty. The first technique is establishing a rapport, to achieve this, a person should speak directly to the person they are directing their message to avoid making the adult feel like a child. It is necessary to explain the purpose of the conversation in simple terms. It is key to gain the attention of the listener through referring to them by their name and creating a positive environment. Communication is all about exchanging information, responses from the adult with communication difficulties should be reinforced with positive comments. The second technique is choosing an appropriate language. The correct style entails the use of plain language instead of jargons (Boardman et al. 30). In most cases, very few people are familiar with the words used in jargons. Communicating using such terms might lead to misunderstanding or excessive repetition in explaining the unfamiliar words. Concrete dialogue methods should be used as opposed to using abstract

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