Accidental Sampling

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Accidental Sampling Introduction Accidental sampling is also referred to as convenience sampling. It is a form of non-probability sampling that concentrates on sampling methods founded on the researcher’s judgment (Vehovar et al. 330). It depends on the data collected from participants that are conveniently available which means the first available primary data source is used with no extra requirements, for example, Facebook and Instagram polls or questions (Vehovar et al. 331). This technique does not use any criteria in choosing the participants since everyone is invited. Research Material Website Name: Statistics How To URL: This website provides a lot of background information on convenience sampling including why it is used in research. Also, it has information on the pros and cons of the technique and how to analyze the sample and the recommendations when performing an analysis. Website Name: Laerd Dissertation URL: The Laerd Dissertation website provides a reasonable explanation and illustration of convenience sampling while comparing it to probability sampling techniques. Furthermore, it discusses the advantages and limitation of the sampling technique. Website Name: Science Publishing Group URL: Science Publishing Group website provides a scientific journal that compares convenience sampling and purposive sampling. The journal explains in detail the technique including its benchmark issues. The journal uses

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