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Research Paper FisrtName LastName Institution Abstract This paper provides an overview of what intellectual disability entails. The description delves into the causes of intellectual disability which are multi-factorial in nature. Furthermore, the various misconceptions regarding some of these causes are highlighted with an attempt to present the scientific facts associated with the causes. The occurrence of intellectual disabilities across populations and races vary as a result of ethnic and health disparities as highlighted in the paper. A distinction is also provided regarding the nature of occurrence of certain disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder and their relation to mental retardation. The conclusion from this distinction is that not all autistic disorders are associated or present with or intellectual disabilities. It is also evident that intellectual disability varies in the level of severity that the condition manifests among individuals. Lastly, the occurrence of intellectual disability is linked to disturbance of brain development by the various causative agents. Response Paper Based on the narration presented in the video, one major point that can be understood regarding the nature of intellectual disability is that its causes are multi-factorial. According to Chiurazzi and Pirozzi (2016), the occurrence of mental disabilities is often seen with certain conditions such as autism spectrum disorders hence the misconception that the latter usually manifests with intellectual disability. Of importance to note is the fact that mental retardation, despite arising from a multitude of causes, involves brain development disturbance.

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