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ABORTION LAW IN TEXAS The legislation of Texas passed the House Bill 2 into law in January 2016. Passing the law is a menace because it will cause the closure of some of the abortion clinics and make life harder for the women seeking an abortion. The lawmakers of Texas support this bill claiming that it will protect the health of women. The Supreme Court doesn’t support the bill citing that it violates the rights of women. The Democrats support the court to block the bill saying that it is unconstitutional. The women had a legal right to seek for abortion in the early stages of the pregnancy as ruled by the Court in 1973 in Roe v. Wade decision. During this period abortion was legalized, but some states still had their restrictions on the practice. Texas had the restriction that seemed harsh to the health institutions and the women. The recent law requires that the abortion clinics have the minimum requirements and standard surgical equipment that all other hospitals have. This means that most of the clinics will have to close down because of the expenses and only about 19 will remain in the whole of Texas(america.aljazeera.com). The law also requires that only women who are minors will be allowed to seek for abortion and must provide proof by issuing their identity documents to the health practitioners for confirmation. The supporters claimed that the law was meant to protect the health of the women. The Supreme Court refused these restrictions citing that the women already had an identity and needed not prove to anyone. The laws also violated the constitutional rights of the women. Even though these laws were set to protect the woman’s health, they were a burden to


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