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Research Report: Employee Motivation Strategies Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation ABSTRACT Employees are the most basic and most expensive properties of any organization. Thus managing employees is one of the most critical tasks in an organization, although very tricky and challenging at times. The level of employee performance in their job is highly dependent on their motivation and enthusiasm towards doing their work. Increased competition has also led to sensitivity in human labor and performance in organizations. As a result, organizations need to be and cautious as the handle the employees The motivation of employee's results in high productivity within the firm characterized by high turnout regarding revenue and the overall finical profits as reported in the net income statement. However, the level at which different organizations appreciate their employees so as to motivate them to offer more varies. This research is centered at analyzing their aspect of employee motivation in various organizations and the various approaches these organizations can use to improve their employee motivation for their long-term success. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report analyses the importance of employee motivation in all organizations. Also, the report evaluates the various employee motivation strategies organizations can adopt so as to ensure optimal productivity of their employees. The report is based on the problem that most organizations do not sufficiently appreciate, recognize or motivate their employees. This results in employees not delivering fully towards organizational success. The research was carried on employees of different organizations of different

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